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About Roar

Roar Messenger allows you to talk to people around you.
Use Roar Messenger to communicate with people around you.

Just like a Lion's roar, Roar Messenger allows you to roar in digital space. Your Roar is heard by people around you.

At home, it connects you to your neighbors.

At office, it helps you know your co-workers. An unofficial company messaging system, allowing you to communicate with people working nearby.

Whether on road or on a holiday, you would be able to talk to locals or fellow travelers.

Because, a human touch is always needed.

  • No Forms

    Completely geo location based.

  • Totally automated

    Phone number verification

  • Low Battery consumption

    No GPS needed

  • Total Privacy

    No Facebook/Google login required.

  • Real Time
  • Always Free
  • Fast
  • Multimedia Enabled

Coming soon to Android Play Store™ and Apple Store™.